The Art of Brand Storytelling: Finding Your Ikigai


In today’s world of marketing, truly connecting with your audience requires crafting a compelling brand narrative. Beyond just products and services, people want to engage with brands that have an authentic story and purpose.

To dive deeper into the art of brand storytelling, Loran Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, recently spoke with Ryan Kutscher, Founder of CIRCUS MAXIMUS, on the SEJ Show. Ryan shared invaluable insights into how his team uses the Japanese concept of Ikigai to build memorable narratives that resonate with customers.

Ikigai focuses on finding your reason for being – the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. By applying Ikigai to shape brand stories, you can introduce greater meaning and humanity into your messaging.

In this video, Ryan explains how they identify a brand’s unique Ikigai to craft narratives that feel authentic and connect with audiences on a deeper level. We discuss real examples of companies effectively using storytelling, like Mark Cuban’s passionate mission with the Dallas Mavericks.

Ryan also provides tips for how you can adopt a storytelling mindset in your own brand messaging, pinpointing your human mission and passion. If you want to learn how to go beyond product features and tap into what truly drives your brand, this is a video you won’t want to miss. The insights shared will transform how you shape your brand narrative moving forward.

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