TwitchWhen it comes to content, one of the popular forms that many people have been consuming for a while now has been video.  Video content is a fun, entertaining way of obtaining the information you’re looking for, without having to read through what you want in a written article.  The thing is, after making video content that can be found on YouTube and other video services, what could people possibly do to make video content better?

Stream it, of course!

Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing more and more people, companies and brands, creating streaming video content.  To me, when I think of the term, “streaming video”, I think of two things.  I think of the type of streaming services that brings you pre-made shows and streams them directly to your television without needing to download it to a device first.  Examples would be Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go, as well as most of YouTube.

The second type of streaming I think of is live streaming video, such as what you can see on YouTube, and the video game videos you see on Twitch.  Being able to watch people doing things online, live and while it’s happening can be quite exciting to see.  There is no room for editing while you’re live, and when something unexpected happens while streaming, everybody is going to see it.

So you’re thinking on the idea of utilizing  some sort of streaming video, whether you are talking about pre-made video streaming or live streaming, you may just want to considering doing it.

But the question, is, why should anybody care about live streaming?  Is there any real value to it?  This is the question that comes up in a post on the Moz Blog post, written by Troy Evans, a PPC Analyst for Distilled.  In Troy’s post, he talks about Twitch, and why it’s so huge with a vast number of people.  Hell, with as popular as live streaming is, there are a number of different brands and industries that may want to think of utilizing live streaming into their marketing campaign.

Check out Troy’s post on the Moz Blog by following the link below.  You may just be converted over into the world of live streaming after reading the post!

Moz Blog: The Twitch Phenomenon: Why Live Streaming Is Worth Your Time