rand_fishkinThere are certain things in this world that people will accept as truth, simply because that is what they were told.  It doesn’t matter what the subject is.  If I said the sky was blue, and you never had the ability to look out the window on a clear sunny afternoon, you would have to accept that as truth.  It’s the same thing with marketing.

There is a concept that has made its rounds in the marketing industry, called flywheel marketing.  The concept behind flywheel marketing is where the organic traffic, shares and links that you get from publishing a single piece of content makes it easier for later pieces to see some success.  A key piece of the flywheel is the ability to get those social shares, as well as info that was based on a recent study, has changed the paradigm.  Apparently, we have been wrong about this key piece.

In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin explains to us why we have been wrong about this key piece, as well as the real value might actually lie in engagement.