As brands and enterprises make the transition to full-blown digital publishers and media entities, there is an even greater demand in two important areas:

  • Accountability in spending.
  • Better understanding of how content drives business objectives at different levels.

Because of this, marketers are pushing harder to measure content – not just at the transactional level but also at touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Establishing a basis for measuring performance is important, as it’s critical of any content marketing program strategy and/or tactic.

When considering the big picture, it can sometimes be tricky to speak to the efficacy of your content marketing program.

Whether your next baseline analytics strategy is happening right now, next month, or next year, the following 15 considerations should be top of mind when you and your organization think about content marketing KPIs and metrics.

Consider each point and ask yourself (and your organization) to address the questions as well.

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