8 Ways to Use Email Alerts to Boost SEO – Whiteboard Friday

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Rand_fishkinWhat sort of tools do you think of when you’re running your SEO campaigns?  Does Google Analytics come to mind?  Do you also think of the variety of keyword and content tools available for improving SEO?  Sure you have.  Of course you have, don’t be silly.  There’s one tool that you can use for link building that normally doesn’t come to mind for a lot of people.

Email alerts!

Some of the best link building opportunities can be discovered by using email alerts for various things that have been published on the web!  Bet you didn’t know that, now did ya?  Either way, today’s Whiteboard Friday is talking about such a gold mine of link building gold!

Rand Fishkin takes the time to tell us eight specific types of alerts that you can use to help improve your SEO!

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