A Story of Merging Two Sites Together To Become Bigger And Better

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Large_open_bookOkay kids, lets sit around the campfire, for it’s time for a story.  Tonight’s story has intrigue, despair, and finally, success.  In this tale, there where two sites, WPMU.org and WPMU DEV.  In the beginnng when Penguin arrived and almost had these two sites for a meal, but somehow, like Hanzel and Gretel, came back and survived to see another day.

So after thriving, the owners of the sites decided to go full gusto and get a bunch of new writers and really crank up the awesomeness.  But, things didn’t work out as much as they thought, for the predicted increase in success wasn’t happening like they thought it would.

That’s when there was an idea.  A bright idea.  What would happen if WPMU.org was merged with it’s sister site, WPMU DEV?  Would things go from better to worse, or would this be a tale of a true success story?  There is only one way to find out.

Just follow the link below and you can find out exactly what happened to these two sites as they tried merging into one.

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