In today’s Google Doodle, we’re celebrating the saxophone today.  Specifically, Google is celebrating the birthday of Adolphe Sax, the musician and instrument maker, who was born on 1814 in Belgium.

Besides the sax, there are other instruments that were made by Adolphe Sax as well, including the design of the saxotromba, the saxhorn, and the saxtuba.

Sax was highly creative and had a deep understanding of brass and woodwinds. He started tinkering with instruments of his own, and upon bringing together the body of a brass and the mechanics of a woodwind created a hybrid that would revolutionize music.

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the Google logo  has replaced by the Adolphe Sax Doodle on Google’s home page around the world, and it leads to a search for “Adolphe Sax.”

A series of Doodles have been created by Lydia Nichols that feature Sax with his various musical instruments.


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