best of the bestAs of the writing of this post, it is now the first morning of 2014, and the first blog post of the year.  It is a great feeling to be able to start this year fresh and new!  But, what of last year?  What shall I say of 2013?  It was defiantly a great year, and an interesting one for all of us in SEO.  With all the big changes that came our way, it made for a learning experience for all of us, didn’t it?

One thing I learned over the last year of writing these Thrive blog posts, I found that tradition is something to get myself into.  For Moz, according to , there seems to be a tradition that happens every year.  On the last day of every year, Moz brings you a roundup of the best of the year in their Blog and YouMoz posts.

After calculating and doing a little bit of work, Moz has come up with some of the best posts of the year and put them into a nice, neat, and convenient list that you can find on the Moz Blog.

Interested in the lists of the best posts on Moz?  Run on over to their page and check it out!
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