Web_Usability_and_User_ExperienceUser experience (UX) is an important aspect of a website’s success.  When a website is created, it could have everything it needs to work the way it was intended to work.  But if it doesn’t have the users in mind, many people will be turned off by their experience with the site.  This isn’t really what you’d want for your site, is it?  You want people to come to your site, not only to get what they want, but have fun doing so.  They want a good experience while they’re there.

What exactly is user experience?

UX focuses on two things.  First, there’s the focus on having a deep understanding of a site’s users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, as well as their limitation.  Secondly, there’s the business goals and objectives of those managing the project.  Ultimately, UX is meant to improve the quality of the user’s interaction with your website, as well as any other services related to it.

Alright.  We’ve covered our bases.  We all now know what UX is and what it’s for.  Let’s get focused on something a little bit more specific.  We’ll focus on how mid-century design can teach you about UX.

 has written an article on Moz called “What Can Mid-Century Design Teach You About User Experience?” where she discusses several thing, all revolving around the user experience.  Why should we invest in UX?  How can you improve it?  Why use user-centered design for user experience?  All of these questions (and more) are answered, all with the intention of how you can use mid-century design to improve a person’s UX with your site.

You can check out the answers to all the above questions by checking out Maria’s Moz blog post on Moz.com, or by following the link below.

Moz Blog:  What Can Mid-Century Design Teach You About User Experience?