We thought we were finally done with Google’s de-indexing bug, we are now in the midst more issues related to that bug within Google Search Console. On April 15, it was confirmed by Google that the index coverage report and the enhancement reports weren’t updated and the Inspector might not be reflecting live status of the page. According to Google, all of these issues are related with the indexing bug.

If you look at the index coverage report and the enhancement reports in your Google Search Console, you may not see accurate data. SEOs were noticing huge drops in their index coverage within the coverage report, despite the face that the report was showing the issue after the de-indexing bug was resolved. There are other issues that are similar with the enhancement reports in Search Console as well.

Not only that, the URL Inspection tool may also be having issues. This was the tool that the company was telling SEOs to go in order to check the true status of a page being indexed. Google said the “URL Inspector might not reflect live status.”

There isn’t anything we can do about it for now, except wait for Google to fix the issues. When Google fixes the issue, Google will tell us.

Google says that if you want to know if a page is in their index, they’re suggesting that you use the site: command until Google fixes the issues listed above.

There are reports from site owners that their sites aren’t fully indexed yet. Google said it doesn’t index all pages on the web. We can’t expect Google to fully index any web site. But, if you feel that there is still and indexing issue, you can let them known via the Google help forums over here.

SourceBarry Schwartz