google-thumbContinuing to get into the holiday spirit, Google has added holiday-themed imagery for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Festivus search results.  By doing a search for any of these winter time holidays, Google users will find corresponding artwork atop search results, which includes a Festivus, a holiday tradition made popular by Frank Costanza of “Seinfield” fame.

Searches for “Christmas” will include a snow-covered landscape with Santa waving from behind a star-topped tree.


A search for “Kwanzaa” comes with an image of the seven candles representing the principles celebrated over the holiday’s seven-day period: unity, self-determination, working together, supporting each other, purpose, creativity and faith.


Doing a “Hanukkah” search results in a feature images of the menorah, (the eight-candle candelabra), a Star of David and a dreidel. Searches for “dreidel” also return the same Hanukkah-themed imagery for search results.


For “Seinfeld” fans, Google has added Festivus (“for the rest of us”) decorations with a Festivus Pole running alongside results for “Festivus” searches.


Festivus was given to us by Frank Costanza of Seinfield, which was meant to be a day for family and loved ones to air grevances and show feats of strength.

Google’s holiday-themed imagery is a long-standing tradition for the site.

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