google_adwordsOn Monday, Google launched two new bidding tools:

  • Target opt-in recommendations
  • Target CPA Simulator

With the Target CPA Simulator, which was first announced during the AdWords livestream, will estimate what will happen to conversions if you adjust your target CPA.  As an example, if your target CPA was $9.00, and you upped it to $11.30, the Simulator would estimate that you would spend almost $3,700 more, but you’d get 175 more conversions.  The Simulator gets its estimates based on performance from the previous seven days and assumes you have no budget restrictions.

With the target opt-in recommendations, it’ll help set performance targets when applying a target CPA or target ROAS bid strategy to campaigns.  With recommendations, Google will recommend targets based on actual CPA or ROAS results from the last two weeks.  With this feature, it’s meant to maintain historical performance while the bidding engine optimizes to “increase conversions or revenue at that similar target.”

These tools are both available globally in the web interface.

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