google-adwords-logoIt looks like Google has rolled out some more scripts for AdWords MCC accounts for all users earlier this week after being in beta since March.  The scripts in AdWords can be used to help automate account maintenance, changes and reporting.  Now that these scripts are out for all users, the benefits that are gained from these new scripts will allow automation across multiple accounts.

An example given on a post on Search Engine Land, if you look at the script for the MCC Keyword Performance Report, it can be used to pull a weekly keyword data from multiple accounts and place them in a number of Google Spreadsheets.  Not only that, but in those spreadsheets you could find charts that were related to quality score and average position of ads.

To check out the original post written by , as well as much more information on these new AdWords Scripts, follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: Google AdWords Scripts For MCC Accounts Are Here And Ready To Use