When you ask Google Home or Google Assistant what the weather is, Google will usually tell you.  But there are times when even Google needs help.  At times when Google’s weather services isn’t working, Google may suggest the user try a Google Assistant app from a third-party service, such as AccuWeather.

This happened the other day with Colm O Sullivan when he asked Google Home for the weather.  Rather than Google giving the normal response with the weather, it responded by saying, “All right. For that, you might like AccuWeather. Want to give it a try?”

According to a Google spokesperson, this was triggered when there was a “brief outage of our first party weather response.”  So instead, Google “offered the AccuWeather Action as a fall back option for users during that short window.”

It was explained that they may use AccuWeather or other services when first party responses aren’t available.  This way, there is no advertisement for AccuWeather.

Check out the following video of this in action from Colm O Sullivan:

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