Google Completely Stops Using Authorship, Even For In-Depth Articles

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Google-thumbDuring the SMX Advanced conference, Gary Illyes stated taht Google has now completely stopped using authorship markup, even for use with in-depth articles.

I know what you’re thinking.  For anybody who’s been following Google and this whole business with authorship, we knew Google stopped using it back in August of 2014.  But how can Google just now stop using it if they put an end to it years ago?  Well, they did end it back then, but technically, Google kept using it anyway for in-depth articles.

Google had continued to keep authorship on your pages up until October 2015, but this advice can now be ignored.

According to Gary Illyes, Google doesn’t use authorship “at all.”  He said that “we fixed that problem,” meaning that need for Google to use authorship.

Source – Barry Schwartz

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