Google-Reconsideration-RequestIf you ever have submitted a reconsideration request in Google, you’ll find that they now show your original reconsideration request when Google receives and documents them.  If this is the case that you’ve submitted a request, you’ll find your request within the Google Webmaster Tools messages.

Before, the only thing you’d get is a confirmation that Google received it, and hopefully, their findings a few days later.  So basically, they’re giving you the ability to see your original request in the response.

In the news post on Search Engine Land about this topic, Jody McCombe tweeted about this on the 4th of August, while Tripp Hamilton shared an example screen:


As you can seen from the image, you get a confirmation on your request, and adds:

For references, here is the full text of the original reconsideration request that was submitted for your site

The original request then follows this statement.

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