On March 25, Google announced that the Google Podcast app has become available for iOS devices. Another part of the announcement includes the web version of the app now supporting subscriptions.

The app has also been reorganized with a tabbed user interface that includes an Explore section where users are shown new show and episode recommendations related to their interests.

Google Podcasts’ new tabbed user interface. Source: Google.

Podcast discovery has been a challenge for content creators with many different podcast apps since they show what’s available through that specific service. Google’s aim is to provide to users a comprehensive resource for podcast discovery, including pain content, and library management.

As Google’s podcast platform continues to expand, it’ll become even more important for publishers to manage their presence on search.

When users select an episode, they’ll also be presented with topics or people covered in that episode and can jump to associated Google search results.

The “For you” section of the Explore tab recommends shows based on the listener’s interests and what is currently popular. Users can personalize these recommendations.

SourceGeorge Nguyen