Google rolled out a new version of Lighthouse around Google I/O this year, which is a tool that is meant to help developers make better web pages by providing a set of audits against a web URL.  Lighthouse returns tips and guidance on how to improve a specific web page for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps and more.

3.0 of Lighthouse brings faster audits, less variance, a new report user interface, new audits and more.

Check out the new user interface for the reports:


The new features in Lighthouse 3.0 include:

  • Faster audits and less variance.
  • The new user interface for reports, as shown above.
  • The Node version of Lighthouse now supports the same configuration options as the CLI version.
  • Scoring changes: The Performance score is a weighted average of the Performance audits. The weighting of the audits also changes in v3.
  • CSV outputs: Report results can now be output in CSV. Each row contains information and results for one audit.
  • JSON output changes.
  • New audits include First Contentful Paint, robots.txt is not valid. Use video formats for animated content and avoid multiple, costly round-trips to any origin.
  • Two audit changes including First Interactive to First CPU Idle and Perceptual Speed Index to Speed Index.

For more on these changes and how to upgrade, see this page.

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