Google Shows Its Support For Gay Pride Month With Rainbow Art For LGBT Search Terms

google-thumbThis month, as usual, Google is showing their support of gay rights this month by displaying a rainbow ribbon for LGBT-related searches that marks Gay Pride Month.

There are a number of LGBT terms that will display the Gay Pride inspired artwork across Google’s search results page, which includes:

  • gay pride month
  • gay rights
  • LGBT
  • same sex marriage

For the last several years, Google has had rainbow-colored artwork for LGBT-related searches during Gay Pride Month.

Google’s support this year is being shown as a rainbow-colored ribbon strung across the top of the search results page.  The logo that appears in the upper left-hand corner isn’t associated with Gay Pride Month.

This was what was displayed on June 2:


Here’s a quick collection of Google’s collection of Gay Pride banners from previous years:







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