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The newest version of Google’s iOS app is now available, and there are some new changes that will allow searchers the option of not leaving the app as often as before.

Here is the three-part bullet list from Google’s release notes:

  • Watch YouTube videos right in your feed — instantly play YouTube videos from cards in your feed. No need to open a new web page or the YouTube app.
  • See rates and booking info in search results for hotels.
  • Open restaurant menus instantly from restaurant search results; no need to load an external web page.

If you look at the image above, you’ll see an example of a restaurant menu searched from within the Google app.  The first screen on the left shows that the menu is from the restaurant’s website, while the link shows the menu right in the app (on the app).

This is version 22.0.0 of the Google iOS search app, and it’s available now.

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