To Google, “high-quality content” has been stressed for quite a while now, but has provided just a little, if at all, help for those who seek to create it.  Until now.

There were five different guides published last month by Google’s Developer Relations Group, all of which are aimed at helping its own creators strive for high-quality documentation.  In this case, documentation means digital content.

The following documents represent just a few of the number of guides Google uses internally.  The provided information isn’t new, original, unique, or even complete.  But even then, they are an excellent resource for those who are interested in creating the type of high-quality content that users value and search engines reward.

Each guide reinforces the idea that high-quality pages are  combination of high-quality code, UX and content.

Now available:

You can click on each link to read the documents, or click here to see a quick overview of each of the above links.

UPDATE: Another great guide comes from Caseo, entitled 25 Easy Tips for Creating Great Content in 2018.  Check it out!

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