How Generative AI Is Being Used To Transform Marketing Personalization

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Generative AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for marketers. According to new research from LocaliQ, many businesses are already utilizing these advanced technologies to enhance their marketing strategies. The infographic below highlights some key stats on the growing use of generative AI in marketing, including how many companies are leveraging these tools, what they are using AI for, and real-world examples.

Major brands like Nike, Netflix, Amazon, H&M, and Spotify are tapping into the power of generative AI to create highly personalized and targeted content at scale. Nike uses customer data to generate individualized product recommendations. Netflix leverages viewing histories to suggest custom content. Amazon utilizes reviews and feedback to automatically generate descriptions. H&M creates virtual models tailored to its audience. And Spotify relies on listening patterns to craft personalized playlists.

As the below infographic illustrates, generative AI allows marketers to save time, increase relevancy, and provide hyper-personalized experiences. More and more businesses are discovering the tremendous potential of AI to revolutionize marketing. The stats and examples below showcase exactly how companies today are unlocking that potential.

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