podcastRecently, a poll was conducted during one of Kelsey Jones’s (from Search Engine Journal) recent webinars about harnessing your podcast network, and the results showed that about 27% of the attendees have a podcast, while 50% are planning on creating one.

It isn’t surprising to see these numbers, as podcasts and other audio/video content has grown in popularity recently.  According to Edison Research, they stated that “Podcasts continue to be effective ways to reach affluent consumers who exhibit ad avoidance behaviors.”

Obviously, a podcast is always going to be an ongoing process, as you’ll always be thinking of new things to talk about that will keep listeners engaged with your podcast.  That’s also aside from having to buy the right equipment, and pitching ideas to those who will be attending the podcasts.

All that is simply from the front-end perspective.  From the back-end, you have to find ways to leverage your guests and audience’s network to maximize the potential of your podcast.

So how do you leverage your podcast guests and audience’s connections?  Aki Libo-on has written an article on Search Engine Journal that tells how to do it and why we should care at all.  Check it out by following the link below!

Search Engine Land: How to Leverage Your Podcast Guest and Audience’s Connections