Katch-logo-800x450Periscope isn’t the only one celebrating their one year anniversary it would seem.  The live video sharing and storage provide for Periscope live video streams, Katch, is also celebrating a one year anniversary as well.

Not only is Katch celebrating their anniversary, Katch has released a search feature on the site, which makes it possible to search the more than one million live video streams it has archived.

When you head over to Katch.me’s home page, you are able to search for both videos via the search bar on top of the home page.  You can search either by hashtags, video title, or a video creator’s Twitter or Periscope handle.

Katch.me One Year Anniversary

Katch.me Search

According to the site, the video archive is indexed every 20 seconds, meaning that the search results that are returned to a search are in real time.

For those who do live video streams, Katch offers a solution to save Periscope content.  This means that those live videos are available beyond expiration times on Twitter.  If you’re interested in saving your live video streams, just sign into Katch.me via your Twitter account and then turn on the Auto-Katch” option.  This will save any new broadcasts from that point on.

After an account is created, the user’s Katch profile page will serve as their public landing page, where the user’s video content can be managed and organized.  Something else the site offers is a number of live video sharing and storage features, such as the ability to embed or download video content, as well as share video content through Facebook.

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