google-thumbBack in April, There were a number of countries where Google users started spotting green “Ad” labels instead of the normal yellow ones next to text ads in Google search results.

In the last week, there have been more users reporting seeing these green labels.  Finally on Wednesday, Google confirmed with Search Engine Land that the switch is officially no longer a test, and they will be rolling out to all users.

“We regularly test ways to improve the look and feel of our search results page. We’ve been experimenting with a green search ad label and have decided to roll it out based on positive feedback from users and advertisers. Our goal is to make our results page easy to use, and our labeling clear and prominent,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

Here’s what the green label looks like on Mobile:


Green Ads 1

And another:    Green Ads 2

Although it could be strange that using the same green for the label as the display URL would make it easy to miss, but according Google, they studied whether the change in color had an impact on users distinguishing between paid and organic listings and found none.

What I noticed with the green label ads is that it’s much easier to seen than the original yellow color.  Google has said that the green labels will be rolling out to all devices globally.  If you aren’t seeing it yet, be patient, you will soon.

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