A new segment is being added to Pinterest’s Marketing Partners program, which now offers advertisers seven new platforms that provide creative elements for ad campaigns.

The “Creative PMPs” (Pinterest Marketing Partners) includes:

  • Popular Pays
  • QuickFrame
  • Shutterstock Custom
  • Social Native
  • Vidmob
  • Vidsy
  • The Online Studio

All seven of these platforms have built Pinterest APIs that give advertisers the ability to leverage creative development assets and tools for ad campaigns on the site.

“Since Pinterest is visual and personal, creating good Pins requires a special touch. With our new PMPs, marketers get access to teams already trained by the Pinterest Creative Strategy team on our best practices,” Alex Guttler and Jyri Kidwell write on the Pinterest Business blog.

The new Creative PMPs, according to Pinterest, will give advertisers access to over 10,000 designers, editors, copywriters, photographers, videographers and creators.  Advertisers can create Promoted Pins that can be delivered directly to an advertiser’s board to use in ad campaigns.

“Pinterest is leading the way with visual discovery, and we know that high-quality creative is what drives engagement and performance, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Pinterest on this journey,” says VidMob founder and CEO Alex Collmer.

Creative PMP is Pinterest’s fifth group of specialty PMPs. The other four specialties include:

  • advertising
  • content marketing
  • measurement
  • audiences

Pinterest has also added Smartly to its advertising PMPs and Hootsuite to its Content Marketing PMPs. A full list of Pinterest’s 51 PMPs can be searched via the company’s directory of marketing partners.

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