planIt’s a new year, 2015.  Time for change, time for something new.  It’s also time that SEO professionals everywhere are being tasked with presenting their 2015 plans for their client or their own business website.

There are two things that always start this time of year – looking back on everything that has changed, and the start of the predicting the game changers for the upcoming year.  Both of these are critical when planning your 2015 SEO strategy, along with many other things.  WHen it comes to starting your 2015 SEO plan, there are some things to keep in mind.

Here’s a list of seven things you want to keep in mind to make sure you start the year off with a strong start.

  • Talk to your stakeholders
  • Pull your 2014 data
  • Timing
  • Projections
  • Mobile
  • Triple-checking your redirects

For more information on the list above, you can check out the original post by following this link to Search Engine Watch.

Regardless of if this presentation is already done, or you still need to do it, there will still be a gauntlet of presentations ahead.  Knowing how to prepare for your plan, as well as defend it, is as important as the work you put into it.  Do you want some tips to guide you through the process?  Check out  post on Search Engine Land that will help guide you through the process.

Search Engine Land: How To Present Your SEO Plan