Quick Guide to Scaling Your Authorship Testing with Screaming Frog

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FrogIf you want to crawl websites, what sort of programs do you use to get the job done?  Many people use Screaming Frog.  The program can be quite useful, as it not only spiders a website for it’s links, images, CSS, scrip and apps for the sake of SEO, but it presents key onsite page elements for SEO and displays the data how you see fit.

What other sort of program would you want to use?  Well, how about Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool?  Previously known as Rich Snippet Testing Tool, you can test your authorship set up and other structured data.

Kane Jamison has written a quick tutorial on Moz that can help any SEO with their client work.  He shows how you can use these two tools in tandem to check entire websites for structured data, as well as various types of Schema.org markup.

Check out Kane’s full guide by following the link below:

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