How to Recover from an Algorithmic Penalty

Rec Imagine this.  You’re the owner of a site, and you’re trying to get business to come to the site, but things just keep going wrong.   All of your pages are badly written, the site used a stock list of town names regardless of if they were related to the local geography, and all of your pages were practically identical in terms of content.  Because of this, Google was unsure which pages they should rank for what locations.  To top it all off, 200 hundred pages were created and set live in less than ten minutes.

At this point, a flag was raised by Google.  An algorithmic penalty has been set against the site, doing quite a lot of harm to an already badly done site.

But how do you bounce back from something like this?  To find out, Jonathan Guy wrote an article entitled From Disaster To Triumph: How To Recover From AN Algorithmic Penalty.  Is it possible to come back from this kind of penalty?  Yup!

Found out about how a site with these particular problems were able to bounce back from disaster.  Follow the link below to read the entire article: