#SEOisAEO: How Google Uses The Knowledge Graph In Its AE Algorithm

This is going to be a stunner! Beyond RankBrain and Position0, few people have a good grasp as to how the Knowledge Graph is weaved into Google’s algorithms. Google are playing their cards unusually close to their chest about that because the Knowledge Graph holds the key to all three pillars of AEO (Relevancy, Understanding and Credibility) – so it is the one topic where Google cannot afford to give too much away. Understandable. But very frustrating for marketers!

In this SEMrush episode, we have three experts who can give reasoned and credible insights into how the Knowledge Graph is weaved into the search algorithm… So not just incredible insights into the role the Knowledge Graph plays in Google’s algorithms, but also great tips into the steps we can take to integrate the Knowledge Graph into all three pillars of our AEO strategy.

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