Site Speed & PPC Performance: Why You Can’t Ignore A Slow Site Anymore

Google page speed Most web users would love to see a day when the internet is truly fast.  People who use the internet have always complained about how slow a number of sites have been, and that they wish that it wouldn’t take as long to load as they currently do.

As it turns out, people on the user end of the web aren’t the only ones who believe the web should be faster. Many search marketers know that Google has been working towards making the Web faster.  There is pressure that has been placed on SEO professionals because they know that page speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Based on that, we know that overall page speed is pretty important.  But if you’re thinking that your ad performance isn’t going to be affected by the web speed,  you’d be mistaken.  every aspect of the user experience is something to be considered, regardless of what’s driving a visitor to your website.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about SEO or PPC.  Since AdWords (the driving force behind ads) and organic search are both being run by Google, page load time is important, and they’ll tell you that the performance of your ads can be impacted as well.

The key factor of this post is that paid search marketers need to pay attention to site speed, just like everybody else, and  is here to tell us all about it in her post on Search Engine Land.  Just follow the link below and check it out!

Search Engine Land: Site Speed & PPC Performance: Why You Can’t Ignore A Slow Site Anymore