Artificial Intelligence (AI) has really permeated the mainstream lately, as a number of company, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon work to make voice commands and voice search an integrative part of their OS and user experience.

AI’s application the world of SEO are continuing to expand to new horizons.  There’s a chance that many of you have heard of the Y Combinator-back RankScience, who uses thousands of A/B tests to determine how best to positively influence search engine rankings.  Complete handling of SEO from AI is probably not going to catch on quickly.  But, there isn’t any software that can currently handle many of the important aspects of SEO.

Even though we don’t have the software to leverage AI to build links, we do use multiple types of software for various stages of the link building process.  This includes:

  • data collection, by using natural language processing to determine if the sites are contextually relevant and keyword relevant.
  • site analysis, to determine if the site in question will predictably have an impact on ranking.

This means that AI can be utilized in the augmentation, automation processes.  Link building specifically can’t be a fully autonomous process.  But it’s possible to leverage AI to augment human processes to increase efficiency of finding bloggers/influencers and improve the quality of sites that we approach for links.

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