Walmart Dominates YouTube During Thanksgiving Holiday

Youtube Last weekend, during the Thanksgiving holiday, it looks like out of all of the businesses to try beating each other out for the top spot in advertising, Walmart claimed the title of top dog.  Walmart ranked as the top social performer among retailers, as well as generating 1.5 billion page views from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.    According to the company, this contributed to what the claim to be its best day ever for online sales.

Pixability, a video metrics platform, said that Walmart generated over 39 million video views on their YouTube channel between November 19 and December 2.  These numbers are owning half of the total channel views for the top 100 retail brands on the site.

Pixability had extended their holiday video tracking a week out from Thanksgiving since, according to the business, YouTube advertising is different when it comes to doing a national ad campaign via the major television networks.

“YouTube advertising works fundamentally different than TV advertising. November 19, a week before Thanksgiving, is when the big advertisers this year started their Black Friday push.”

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According to Pixability, the top 100 retail brands on YouTube generated more than 76 million views between November 19 through December 2, as well as added more than 64,000 subscribers.  When you look at all the brand channels, it was shown that Walmart and Foot Locker owned two-thirds of all the views during the specified time period.

It’s also interesting to note that 60% of the highly viewed content were fresh videos published after November onward.  There was legacy content that had been around for months, if not years that picked up 100,000+ views.

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