emailWe love predictions.  Admit it, you love to see people make educated guesses as to what’s going to happen in the future and then see if they inevitably come true, or fail.  We predictions being made over everything, from who will win the next World Series, what the next piece of future tech will become real, or who will keep their New Years resolution for 2016.

The prediction of what will happen in the upcoming year is always a big thing for everybody, and this is the case for something like email marketing as well.  What’s ahead for email marketers in 2016?  In a post found on Marketing Land,  gives us his top seven predictions for what will happen in the world of email marketing during 2016.  Will more emails be opened on mobile devices? Will most brands use responsive design for their marketing emails in the upcoming year?

Why don’t you check out Chad’s post on Marketing Land by following the link provided below and see what other predictions he has for the upcoming 12 months.

Marketing Land: 7 Email Marketing Predictions For 2016