Yahoo Launching Video Service To Compete With YouTube This Summer

Yahoo Sometimes, rivalry between companies can be a good thing.  They compete for the best services or products, and guess who wins?  The consumers.  Well, it looks like YouTube may be getting their own rival this summer.

Yahoo has plans to launch their own video service in order to compete directly with Google’s YouTube.

What would it take to be able to successfully compete with YouTube?  After all, YouTube has been around a while now, and they have the things they want already set up the way the like it.  But what of those who aren’t all that happy with the way YouTube is running things in terms of revenue-sharing and fixed ad rates?

According to the report, this was the statement:

“For video creators dissatisfied with YouTube, Yahoo has a compelling pitch: more generous revenue-sharing deals, or fixed ad rates that are significantly higher than YouTube is currently delivering to creators.

Those not satisfied with YouTube because of the amount of money that they get from ads being displayed in their videos will now have at least one more option, other than YouTube.

“YouTube creators have long-chafed over YouTube’s standard revenue split, where Google takes 45% of ad revenue. Yahoo is offering a split tipped more in favor of creators, or a higher ad rate overall. Creators contacted by Ad Age declined to specify the specific rate they were offered for fear it would reveal their identity to Yahoo.”

Originally, the video platform was scheduled to be unveiled at a presentation for Yahoo advertisers in April, but was delayed because of contract issues.  Apparently, there was an issue over content ownership, as Yahoo demands it gains ownership over videos shared on Tumblr.

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