5 Bad Link Building Habits To Break Now

Link building icon It’s funny how fast things can change in SEO.  Link building is one of those things that can change really quickly if you’re not watching.  At first, there were a lot of things you could do in link building without much worry, but now, one wrong move and  you’re getting your butt handed back to you by Google in the form of a penalty.

At this point in time, you’ve got to be more careful how you do things.  You don’t want to lose any more link possibilities than possible.

But even with the changing times, there are still some bad habits from times past that are still lingering in front of us.  And for a number of us, there are those who are still using those older tactics, those habits that have transformed from good to just plain bad habits in this age of link building.

In an article written by , we’ll see five link building bad habits that desperately need to be taken care of, and now.  You don’t want to be seen doing these things anymore.

But what are they?  Check them out by following the link below to Casie’s post on Search Engine Land!

Search Engine Land: 5 Bad Link Building Habits To Break Now