5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business

Social media iconsWhen you’re working for an advertising business, or you’re simply trying to advertiser for your business, social media is defiantly a powerful tool. With  74% of online adults are using social media, it can be a very effective way to convey your marketing message to a large number of people.

But, with great power, comes great responsibility.  If handled incorrectly, social media can totally undermine your efforts in giving a positive spin on your brand.  Social media can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy depending on how well you understand how to properly manage your social media channels.

Unfortunately, for every good way of managing your social media, there is a way to screw things up and make your brand look bad, and ultimately, your business.  In a post on Search Engine Journal, written by Albert Costill, there is a list of pitfalls that a number of business owners can run into with social media.

To check out Albert’s SEJ post, follow the link provided below and see what you can do to not ruin your brand.

Search Engine Journal: 5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business