Google AdWordsThe latest update by Google to the AdWords app for Android is rolling out.  Let’s see what sort of new stuff the update has.

First off, there are more columns that have been made available in the performance tables.  With these columns, you can swipe left to scroll over to see the additional data.

A columns icon will appear in the upper left corner on the campaigns, ad groups and keywords levels in the app.  For example, a couple things that have been added to the list include conversions and impression share.  You’ll be able to change the order of metrics displayed by moving a metric up and down on the column modify screen.

Another new thing that appears in the app update is a new billing summary section that is available from the main accounts window.  When you load up the billing summary section of the app, you’ll be shown payment history and it allows you to update payment methods, edit the billing profile or make a payment within the app.


The app is available in the Google Play store, and the update will roll out this week.

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