google-thumbA number of agencies that have Google Partner status ended up getting an email from Google late October 27th, which told them “You’ve lost your Search Ads specialization,” and that they have to redo their exams.

That’s probably not something they were expecting to hear.

Apparently, it was a bug which triggered the emails after a change had been made yesterday that affected Partners in a number of markets.  Steve Seeley tweeted a screen shot of the email yesterday and cautioned others to “not flip out if you got emails like this last night or this morning.  It is a bug.  Our entire status is blank.”

When Partners log in to their Partner account to check out their performance, the Company Specialization scores and spend fields are empty

Based on what Italy-based digital marketer Gianpaolo Lorusso said, it’s proabably a global bug, and it is definitely affecting multiple countries including the US, Italy, German, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

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