Many of you already know what Pinterest is.  According to Wikipedia, Pinterest is “a web and mobile application company that offers a visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage tool. Users create and share the collections of visual bookmarks (boards). Boards are created through a user selecting an item, page, website, etc. and pinning it to an existing or newly created board.”

Pinterest has allowed people to curate the web’s best content in an organized fashion.  Today, it isn’t just content that you can pin onto the service, but you can also pin iPhone and iPad apps.

Think of how great this could be for Pinterest users.  When somebody pins articles, pictures, recipes and more onto their Pinterest boards, this allows others to discover that content much easier.  Imagine the same if you could pin an app to your board as well.  This could prove quite a good thing for not only Pinterest users, but for app creators as well.


This might also be a significant revenue booster for the social giant as this new pinning feature will allow them to enter the app-install marketplace.

Because of Pinterest’s new pinning option, Apple’s App Store has some new boards and collections showcasing the new functionality.


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