Cubes - 379 - INFLUENCEWouldn’t it be great to be able to get into the heads of others to do exactly what you wanted, almost like some sort of mind control?  Wit the exception of full on mind control, this is the sort of thing that marketers tend to do.  Marketers are used to trying to influence people to do certain things, such as making a purchase or any other type of on-site conversion.  But what if you wanted somebody to do you a favor or agree with something you said?

Influencing is a powerful art if you’ve managed to master the tactics.  There are a number of tactics that you can use to sway non-believers to your side or point of view.

Are you struggling to get your opinion heard?  On Search Engine Journal, Larry Kim has a post that has 29 tips to sway others to your way of thinking.

Com on, you know you want to.  Can we influence you to follow the link below and check out Larry’s post?

Search Engine Journal: The Art of Influencing: 29 Tactics to Get What You Want From Others