Bing made an announcement that it is shutting down its anonymous submit URL tool, which would let anybody submit any URL on the web for submission into the Bing search index.  It was only a few months ago when their public URL tool was shut down.

Bing said you can still use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your own URLs.

So the question is, why is it going away?  According to Bing, the URLs that they received through the public URL submission tool were too low-quality to be trustable.“Webmasters prefer having more ownership of the URLs for their site,” Bing said.  By shutting down the public tool, it removes access from third parties trying to submit URLs to Bing’s search index.

In terms of the impact on the user, simply put, you won’t be able to submit any URL you want Bing to index.  IN addition, in order to submit URLs, you have to first create a Bing Webmaster Tools account, then verify your website, and finally use the tool within that console to submit URLs.

If you want to use the tool, you have to log in, add and verify your site, then find your way over to the Submit URL tool that can be found within the Configure My Site menu options.

The decision to shut down this too may help Bing reduce spam that is displayed in the search results, helping it to focus more on trustworthy content.  Also, this may even affect the overall search experience for users.  Even before the tool was shut down, Bing was able to deal with most of the serious spam.

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