marketingHere’s a question for everybody.  What’s one common factor that all small businesses share, regardless of industry, when it comes to online marketing?  In short, the answer is that they don’t position the company or use the web as effectively as they could be doing.  That’s the words of , an Online Marketing Consultant at Distilled.

This can make sense, as small businesses owners are restricted when it comes to time and resources.  It can be pretty rough making everything happen the way you want if you don’t have the money to make it happen.  If you don’t have the money, you can’t hire the people you want to get the necessary work done to move your company to a suitable place on the web.

Besides money, many of these small businesses don’t even have a clue where to begin.  After all, the web can be a pretty intimidating place.  Where can you even start?  Morgan, who has been building marketing strategies for quite sometime, even before becoming a member of Distilled, has had quite some experience helping small businesses get where they need to be to be successful on the web.

Morgan has a post on that explains the preliminary steps that she takes to help small business clients get through the tough times and see success.  Check out her list steps on the Moz Blog by following the link below now!

Moz Blog: Building Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses