Content-MarketingWhen you go onto an online video service like YouTube, you’re bound to see quite a number of music videos on there.  Out of all the videos on there, you’ll see quite a few of them that have become quite popular due to the talent of the artist.  But for every batch of positive comments, you’re going to see comments that are negative and sometimes even rude.

If every artist out there quit their music careers just because of the negative comments, I don’t think we’d have a single bit of new music out there.  Ever.  But as an artist, they have to be able to take harsh criticisms and stay the course.  All content that is created unique and appealing will always have it’s critics, good and bad.  There isn’t any way around it.

 has written a post for Moz entitled “What a Viral Musician Taught Me About Content Marketing.”  In it, Dave  talks about the those who are viral musicians and how you can apply the things they learn to content marketing.

How does viral musicians apply to content marketing exactly?  Check out Dave’s article on Moz by following the link below: