google-adwords-gradient1-1920Back in March, Google announced a big change to the interface of AdWords, which hadn’t seen any kind of significant facelift in a long time.  On Tuesday, August 8th, there were some AdWords users who got a surprise chance to see the new UI showing when they hopped into their accounts.  The next day, Google confirmed that the interface is rolling out to more AdWords users.


Yatin Mulay of Zen Online Marketing was one of the ones who logged into to find the above new tab-less interface (with data obviously covered).  He said that some of the features were hard to find in the new interface and that was a “radical” change.  That’s understandable, as any major UI change can be difficult to initially navigate.

In regard to the new interface surfacing, a Google Representative has confirmed that the interface is rolling out to more users. Previously, Google has stated:

Through 2016 and into 2017, we’ll continue to build out this new AdWords experience, and invite advertisers along the way to try it out and provide feedback. Invites will be sent based on a number of factors, therefore not all advertisers will be able to test the new experience right away.

Keep in mind that this change is simply an interface design change.  The core functionality of AdWords will not change.

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