duckduckgo-logoYou ever hear of DuckDuckGo?  If you haven’t it’s a new search engine that’s been making some rounds lately.  Well, today, news has arrived!  DuckDuckGo has relaunched with a reimagined and redesigned look.  One of the refreshing aspects about this particular search engine is that DuckDuckGo has a strict, no-tracking privacy policy.  They don’t collect or share personal information.

Included in the relaunch, a number of new features has surfaced as well.  Maps, local search, and image search are just a part of the new, updated look of DuckDuckGo.  With these new options now integrated into the search engine, it’s beginning to look like a real search engine.  Could it be that it’s growing from a search engine that an already active developer crowd would use to something that a majority of us would go for?  It seems to be shaping up that way.

DuckDuckGo’s new features can be found here.

Finally, an existing feature of the new engine is an upgrade on already existing features.  If you’re interested in checking out DuckDuckGo, and you’re interested in a new search engine other than the big ones like Google and Bing, give this one a shot.

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