call trackingGoogle is always trying to expand, and refine how their services work.  In this case, they are refining how marketers are tracking and optimizing for conversion tracking events in AdWords.  Google announced last week to advertisers that if they were using call extensions and were tracking call conversions, they’d be able to split call conversions up based on call length by the end of April.

What is the point of this new call tracking ability?  Advertisers can name specific conversions according to call length and edit call length settings in the Conversions section in AdWords.

In an example given by  in her Search Engine Land article, Google AdWords Call Conversions To Get More Granular, Enable Target ROAS Bidding, she gives the following,

For example, you can create a conversion action named “Product 1″ for calls longer than 60 seconds and another named “Product 2″ for calls longer than 30 seconds. Then just choose which of these conversion actions you’d like to count for any ad group in your account.

With this new conversion tracking, it’s now possible to assign custom conversion values to these actions, which can then be applied to bidding strategies for Target ROAS.

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