A new API has been launched by Google that is aimed at making the Google job search features more real-time and up-to-date.

Named the Indexing API, the API can, for the time being, only be used to crawl job posting pages marked up with job posting structured data.  Because the name of the API isn’t job specific, there is possible speculation that there could be other plans for it in the future by the company.

According to Google, this specific API is being released for job posting URLs because job listings come and go quickly.  The company wants the job search database to reflect these changes as they happen.  Google said that the API allows “any site owner to directly notify Google when job posting pages are added or removed.” This results in a “fresh crawl, which can lead to higher quality user traffic and job applicant satisfaction.”

Google made this quick start guide for those developers and webmasters who wants to give it a try.

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