Google made a significant move a number of years ago in order to turn product search listings into a fully paid product. Shopping campaigns have accounted for an increasing share of retail search budgets since then. Recently though, Google augmented organic search results with product listings since the company is in a product search battle with Amazon. On January 16, Google announced the official rollout of “Popular Products” for apparel, shoe and similar searches in mobile results.

Google has been playing around with different ways to surface product listings in organic search results, such as with Popular Products, which is powered by those organic feeds. According to Google, it identifies popular products from merchants to show them in a single spot, which lets users filter by style, department and size type. The links found in the listings go to the retailers’ websites.

Popular Products is now live in Google mobile search results.

With this, Google is trying to enhance product search experiences due to the competition that it faces with Amazon, as well as other social platforms.

SourceGinny Marvin