Google Trends Gets Integrated Into Data Studio Via Free Third-Party App

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StrategiQ, a marketing firm based in the UK, has released a Google Trends connector for Data Studio. The free tool lets users extract search trend information directly into their Data Studio reports

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You’ll need to do the following in order to get Google Trends information in your Data Studio reports:

  1. Get the gtrends.app API. You can register for an API key by providing your email address (which StrategiQ says will be used to contact you if your use of the service causes issues). After inputting a keyword or phrase and region pair, the API will retrieve the data from the Google Trends UI and return it as JSON.
  2. Add the Data Studio connector. You’ll first need to add a data source for every keyword and region pair you want data on. Then, you’ll need to configure that data source using your API key and the desired keyword/region combo.

So far, Google hasn’t released an official integration for Trends and Data Studio. Because the integration provided by StrategiQ is third-party, it doesn’t provide a service-level agreement or guarantee a minimum uptime. It reserves the right to block abuse of the API without formal notice. If a company uses the connector for research purposes, StrategiQ has requested that users attribute the company.

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